As a volunteer, we prepare you to be a member of of our team.  Below is a list of the initial training you will receive as a recruit at no cost to you. After this you will be able to attend additional courses, continuing education, and certification testing to pursue your desired level of training.

This course is designed to provide basic fire ground skills
necessary to operate and perform on the fire ground. Core topics
include fire behavior, streams/hoses, ladders, SCBAs, and much more.

This course teaching the basic fundamentals to vehicle extrication. Subjects include scene size-up, patient assessment, vehicle
stabilization, and rescue tool familiarization.
Emergency Medical Services
This objective of this course is to learn to provide emergency medical care rendered to victims of medical illnesses or injuries before EMS personnel arrive on the scene.

Hazardous Materials
This course is designed to help the firefighter learn to recognize the presence of hazardous materials and respond to releases or potential releases of hazardous substances as part of the initial response to the site for the purpose of protecting nearby persons, property or the environment from the effects of the release.

Ready to Volunteer?

If this training is what you desire, you have read the requirements, and reviewed the process, then submit an application to start. Interested but still have questions? Connect with us.